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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Paypal Casinos

For those who have made any purchases through the internet or any other online means, you most probably have used Paypal or at least heard of it. Paypal is one of the biggest players in online payments globally right now. They have recently expanded their activities to the online gambling zone, from where clients can make secure payments directly from their bank account without a drop of sweat.

When it comes to online gambling, Paypal provides a simple, quick and safe way for their clients to deposit money to their casino of choice. The popularity and safety have made a lot of online casinos accept Paypal as their preferred method of payment.

Why use Paypal for online gambling

It is secure- one of the reasons why most clients prefer to use Paypal is because they have proven beyond doubt that they can protect the client’s information. You only insert your banking or credit details when you are signing up, and from then on, the data is stored securely within their database. Depositing at new Paypal casino sites do not require you to enter your personal details once more. Otherwise, they could be at risk of being compromised by the casino sites.

It is flexible- using Paypal as a payment on casino sites is highly flexible because it does not have limits. You need to have the necessary funds, and just like that, you deposit any amount to your casino of choice.

It is fast- time is a crucial factor when it comes to money matters. Paypal is not only crucial for deposits but also for withdrawals. Upon successful gambling, you will need to withdraw your fortune as fast as possible. With Paypal, this does not take time.

Top online casinos that accept Paypal

Not all online casinos accept Paypal, and in case you find one that does, you can confirm if Paypal approves it from their website. Currently, there are over 3000 online casino sites in the US. Finding the best among such a crowded market is, therefore, an uphill task. When choosing your site, use a list of the entire selection, just like the on eon https://newpaypalcasinos.co.uk, and then check out for their reputation, security and safety. Another factor to consider is the quality of games and the payout percentages. The site should also have an excellent customer support base and high-quality cashier services. The following are the top five best new online casinos that accept Paypal.

LV Slots

This company offers a lucrative amount as a welcome bonus. It is the best in the market as it is compatible with the USA players. It provides a great selection of slots with a variety of games to choose from. The site has over 200 games which players can choose from. Slots. Lv also offers regular promotions for its clients. If you are a frequent gambler, you can enjoy this.

Ignition casino

This is the second-ranked casino site that offers $2000 plus a package of 200% Bitcoin as a bonus as well. This site is widely recognized for the regular rewards they provide to their clients. They also have a vast player base which shows public trust. Finally, ignition is one of the most amazing platforms to play in.

Lincoln casino

This site also offers a lucrative welcome bonus amounting up to $5000. They have brilliant loyalty rewards for their clients as well. The site also provides stylish visuals that ensure the client does not strain during gambling. For regular gamers, there are daily tournaments that keep you glued to the site.

Sloto Cash

This one offers $1000 as a welcome bonus, plus a 100 free spins package. It is one of the top VIP club websites that offers instant play and frequent promotions for the clientele.

Las Vegas USA

This site offers $3000 bonuses without any maximum cashout. Despite the sizeable welcome bonus, they experience unrivalled support in LA. They also have an extensive range of games for where you can choose from.

Casino deposits using Paypal

Before making deposits to your casino site, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Paypal account. Depositing money in new Paypal casinos is easy as you can either use bank transfer or even your credit/debit card. You can also use automatic withdrawals once you link your Paypal to your credit card. After loading the cash, you visit any recommended Paypal casino online. Navigate through the payments page and select Paypal as your method of payment. Choose the amount you wish to deposit then it is done. The amount will reflect in your casino account within seconds.

Cashing out from Paypal casinos

Cashing out with Paypal is not an automatic feature with all online casinos. The process is however quite easy for those that accept. You can still find this option in the payments page. Then from the various withdrawal options provided, select Paypal. The last option is to enter the amount you intend to cash out. The money will be transferred to your Paypal account in no time.

C&C Games: Memoir ‘44

Memoir '44This series of three articles will look at the other games in Richard Borg’s Commands & Colors series.

The first examines the most commercially successful and well-known to date: Memoir ‘44.

Published 2004 by Days of Wonder. 2 players, ages 8 and up, playing time 30-60 minutes.


1 double-sided hex map, 144 Axis and Allied Army pieces (each army consists of 42 Infantry, 24 Tanks, 6 Artillery and 18 Obstacles), 36 obstacles, 44 terrain tiles, 60 Command cards, 9 Summary cards, 8 battle dice, 2 card holders, 32 page rules and scenario booklet.

Memoir '44The game is of typical Days of Wonder high quality: plastic modelled army men, tanks, artillery pieces and obstacles, linen-finished thick card terrain tiles, four-fold double-sided board, wooden dice, plastic box insert, full colour rules and exceptional graphic design and illustration throughout. The Command cards could perhaps be a little bit thicker and their black edges can show signs of wear, but these are minor criticisms of what is overall an extremely high quality product.


The second Commands & Colors system game focuses on the battles of WWII. With a relatively simple, yet easily expandable system the base game elegantly recreates and commemorates the battles in Northern France in 1944, and other theatres of WWII in the expansions. In fact it was published in collaboration with the Mission for the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings & Liberation of France.

The board is double-sided, with a green grass texture on one side and a beach and shore on the other, each battlefield divided into three sections: left, centre, and right.

Basic gameplay

ScenarioPlayers set up their forces according to a scenario, which usually recreates a particular engagement of the war. Hex-sized terrain tiles allow the basic board to be customised with hills, forests, rivers, towns etc. The plastic pieces are set up in units: four men form an Infantry unit, three tanks an Armor unit, two artillery pieces an Artillery unit. Each player then receives a number of Command cards. These cards consist of Section cards and Tactic cards. Section cards, when played, allow a number of units in a section, or several sections, to move and/or attack. For example, a General Advance card may allow the player to move and/or attack with two units in each section. Tactic cards allow special maneouvres and actions, for example a Counter-Attack allows a player to issue the same order his opponent just played; an Ambush allows you to attack before your opponent if he engages you in a Close Assault.

During a player’s turn, he plays a Command card and then chooses which units to activate; these units may then move, and once all movement is completed, attack.

Units have different move and attack capabilities; for example an Infantry unit can either move 1 hex and attack, or move 2 hexes and attack. They have an attack range of 3 hexes, and roll 3 dice at a target one hex away, 2 dice at one 2 hexes away, and 1 dice at a target 3 hexes away. An Armor unit is faster and more deadly; it can move up to 3 hexes and still attack a target up 1, 2 or 3 hexes away with 3 dice.

Battle diceAttacks are resolved by rolling special Battle dice with symbols on them; if you roll a symbol that matches your target unit, one figure from that unit is destroyed: for example if you are attacking an infantry unit and roll an Infantry symbol. Units remain at full strength until totally destroyed. For each Flag rolled the target unit must retreat one hex; a Star indicates a miss, a Grenade a hit on any target.

An Infantry unit may also Take Ground by moving into the hex vacated by a unit it destroys or forces to retreat; and an Armor unit may Armor Overrun by doing the same but with the additional advantage of being able to attack again.

Terrain often affects movement and modifies the chance of a successful attack: for example a unit must stop when it enters a forest hex, and an Infantry unit attacking a unit in a forest rolls one less die, an Armor unit 2 less dice.

The basic abilities of units and the affects of terrain are easily remembered, and the system easily accommodates extra layers of complexity or different types of units, terrain or landmarks. In the expansions, a few simple rules can give the game quite a different flavour. For example in the Pacific Theatre expansion, a Japanese unit may ignore the first flag rolled against it, infantry units at full strength close assault with an additional die, and if close assaulting may move 2 hexes and still battle. These few modified rules effectively simulate the character of the Japanese army.

Each scenario sets out how many Victory Points are required to win and any special rules; a VP is won for every enemy unit destroyed, and occasionally for holding objectives.

With two sets, players may place the boards side by side and play huge Overlord scenarios, in which more players may take part by playing in teams. Online support for the game is excellent, with a wealth of official and unofficial scenarios available at the Days of Wonder website.


Terrain PackTerrain Pack
66 terrain tiles, 22 landmark tiles, 20 markers, 16 obstacles, 28 Special Unit badges, rules and 4 scenarios.

Winter/Desert Board Map
Double-sided board; snowy expanse one side, desert the other. Brief Campaign rules.

Eastern FrontEastern Front
Russian army (42 soldiers, 24 T-34 tanks and 6 ZIS-3 anti-tank guns), 44 double-sided terrain hexes, 4 obstacles, 10 markers, 14 Special Unit markers, Political Commissar poker chip, rules and 8 scenarios.

The Political Commissar rules, in which the Russian player must choose their next turn’s Command card a turn ahead, give the Eastern Front battles quite a different feel. Lots of cover, minefields and snipers make some of the scenarios gruelling battles of attrition. The snow-covered Winter battlefield (available separately) board is recommended for maximum visual enjoyment of the Eastern Front scenarios.

Memoir '44Pacific Theater
Japanese army (48 soldiers, 12 Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks, 6 Type 88 75mm anti-aircraft guns), 44 terrain tiles, 4 obstacles, 10 markers, 14 Special Unit badges, Night Attacks sheet, rules and 8 scenarios.

Some excellent scenarios bring to life the vicious close-combat nature of this theater of war. Night attacks, with visibility changing turn-to-turn, and offshore warship bombardments add extra flavour.

Upcoming Expansions

Memoir ‘44 Carrying Case
Release date yet to be announced. This carrying case will not only hold your base game and all the expansions, but will also includes the new Air Power rules.

Rules Reference and Summary Sheets (Unofficial)

I have created an unofficial rules summary for the base game and a comprehensive set of two double-sided unofficial summary sheets that include all the terrain, obstacles and forces of the base game and all the expansions. They can be downloaded here, along with reference sheets for many other popular boardgames.

(Game component, dice and scenario images Copyright ©2002-2006 Days of Wonder. All Rights Reserved. Game play photograph by Universal Head)