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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Unofficial Adventures Updates

Check out the Unofficial Adventures section for three new unofficial BattleLore adventures by fans. The first is the Battle of Jemmingen, 21 July 1568 by Servando Miguel, set during the Eighty Year’s War. A great excuse to break out the Hill Giant and Earth Elemental.

The second is the first of what will probably be many Lord of the Rings-style adventures: Battles Of The Fords Of Isen I : Defending The Eyot by Stephane Nolet, which sets Théodred defending a river-encircled eyot (small island) against Uruk-hai, wargs and Dunlendings.

The third is To the Rescue! by Niels Taatgen. Town commander Francois du Pont attempts to rescue the Major from a band of unruly Goblins … but they have a Hill Giant …

in your adventures now!