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Friday, January 12, 2007

Official Word: New Dice, New Adventures

It’s been a while since we saw anything on the official blog, but the latest post packs a double punch.

Firstly, replacement dice are now available as promised for those of you who have noticed wear on your set. You can get them here. These are the same dice as those in the box but with more permanent screen printing. DoW may produce more deluxe-quality dice in the future (possibly even metal dice).

They only ask that you request replacement dice only if you really need them, as DoW is replacing and shipping these at their own expense.

AdventureSecondly, and more enjoyably, there are seven new official adventures online!

The first four (#11a-14a) are Lore adventures where the Free Companies of Seguin of Badefol fight the troops of Sir Arnold of Cervolles. A month later, Seguin’s forces confront the army of Jacques of Bourbon at the Lore version of the Battle of Brignais (#15a), complete with a Hill Giant!

The remaining two are Medieval adventures: the Historical Battle of Brignais (somewhat confusingly, also #15a), and the Battle of Lewes (#16) opposing Simon V of Montfort to King Henry III of England, fought 100 years earlier.

The next post will feature the long-awaited Creature Compendium.