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BattleLoreMaster Posts

March 2007

March 26, 2007

The BattleLore Lore Cards Compendium

Lore Cards CompendiumThe online Lore Cards Compendium by DoW is an extremely helpful resource for clarification and elaboration of the various Lore cards, but many players have expressed the wish that it was available in a downloadable PDF format.

Well now, your wishes are granted! Thanks to the tireless efforts of Austrian BattleLore fan Gerald Uitz (with a touch of graphic help from your webmaster Universal Head), The Lore Cards Compendium is now available for download.

But it doesn’t stop there. Gerald will not only be keeping this document regularly up to date (the latest version will always be available in the Guild Downloads section), but he is also organising French and German translations, which will of course appear here as soon as they are complete.

I’m sure you will join with me in thanking Gerald for this excellent resource!

Update: French and German versions are now online!

March 11, 2007

Adventure Army Lists

Here’s a handy little Excel spreadsheet I whipped up to keep track of how many and which type of units are used in each scenario, so I could paint units in the most efficient order possible. The spreadsheet lists the number used of each type of unit in every official scenario published: the first ten from the core game, the first batch of six published online, and the recently published five Epic games. Download it now.

Update: Small correction made to file.

March 8, 2007

Official Word: Epic BattleLore Online!

EpicIt’s here! Flip over those gameboards and enjoy the next step in the BattleLore experience: Epic BattleLore.

You must be a registered user of BattleLore to download the rules. When the paper version comes out in later Q2 2007 it will consist of a second board map, additional Lore tokens, new Epic Adventures, and the new Reluctant Allies multi-player rules along with new Alliance tokens.

And to accompany the Epic release there are five new adventures, Epic 1-5, in DoW’s official Adventures section!

Update: Richard Borg has corrected the Epic 5 Adventure as follows: the Green Pennant unit on the 5th row next to the archer unit on the right wing should be a Blue Banner Regular Infantry unit. Note this has now been corrected online.

March 6, 2007

The Raven

The RavenI was trudging along the muddy verge of an ancient highway, heading south back to the land of my birth, when I first heard the distant rhythm. I immediately stopped and hid myself among the bracken that lined the muddy ditch to the side of the road. I had not long to wait. The clanking of metal upon metal became louder, accompanied by the martial rhythm of hundreds of feet marching in time. And then, around a bend in the road, the vanguard of the invading army appeared. Knights caparisoned for war, their bright banners flapping violently in the fitful breeze, the horses snorting clouds of vapour in the still-cold air of the morning. Behind the knights came the main force of men drawn up in disciplined rows, their short swords banging against their thighs, the companies identified by banner bearers who held the symbols of the army aloft. Then, the mercenaries, groups of grubby goblins in stained bronze armour, and behind them goblins mounted on restless scaly beasts that sniffed the air as they rode by, and made me retreat further back into the bracken.

Finally, the army was gone, and stillness descended again over the old road. I emerged from the ditch and with a last glance at the dust cloud that marked the arrmy’s passing, hurried onwards to my rendezvous.