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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Official Word: Epic BattleLore Online!

EpicIt’s here! Flip over those gameboards and enjoy the next step in the BattleLore experience: Epic BattleLore.

You must be a registered user of BattleLore to download the rules. When the paper version comes out in later Q2 2007 it will consist of a second board map, additional Lore tokens, new Epic Adventures, and the new Reluctant Allies multi-player rules along with new Alliance tokens.

And to accompany the Epic release there are five new adventures, Epic 1-5, in DoW’s official Adventures section!

Update: Richard Borg has corrected the Epic 5 Adventure as follows: the Green Pennant unit on the 5th row next to the archer unit on the right wing should be a Blue Banner Regular Infantry unit. Note this has now been corrected online.