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Friday, April 13, 2007

Official Word: The Coming Months

After a month’s silence while the staff of Days of Wonder were flat out creating new stuff for us to enjoy, there’s some exciting news over at the official blog.

Call to ArmsCall to Arms is on its way and should reach stores by early May. Follow that link to download a PDF of the rules now. MSRP will be $20 in the US, €15 in Europe.

EpicNext in line for release is the expanded deluxe, printed-version of Epic BattleLore. Its due in stores around the end of May. MSRP will be $15 in the US, and €15 in Europe.

Pre-orders for both can be made on the DoW web store next week.

SpecialistLate June/early July, in time for an Origins release, sees the first two Specialist packs: a Dwarven Battalion and a Goblin Skirmishers set. These packs introduce new units to the game, along with their Specialist and Weapon summary cards. Each of these packs will retail for $24 in the US and €20 in Europe.

Update: The rules for Call to Arms used with Epic BattleLore will be in the deluxe printed version of Epic. Also, those who have bought two BattleLore sets needn’t worry about buying the printed Epic: according to Eric, DoW will ‘take good care of them’. More news soon.