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Monday, June 25, 2007

Goblin Marauders?

Thought Hammer already has a listing for the upcoming Goblin Marauders pack. We should take this with a grain of salt however, as the contents listed appear to be for the Hundred Years’ War pack, and the cover illustration shows, along with the Goblin cavalry we’ve already seen, the musicians already in the Goblin Skirmishers pack. Early art, or do we get more musicians in the Marauders pack?

Goblin MaraudersAnyway, the Hundred Years’ contents, as given here are listed as:

32 new figures, including:
   4 Halberdiers
   4 Horn Blowers
   8 Spearmen
   16 Arbalestiers
14 New Banners (7 for each camp)
Rules Booklet (plus Medieval Lore rules)
4 New Battles (Crecy, Cocherel, Patay and Poitiers)
Bonus Revisit to Agincourt in Epic Mode
6 New Specialist Cards and 4 Weapon Summary Cards