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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Official Word: Summer is Coming…

…And the news over at the official blog is that of upcoming Specialist packs and trade shows.

Coming up are Origins 2007 (Columbus, OH - July 4 thru 8), where demo versions of the Dwarven Battalion and Goblin Skirmishers Specialist sets will be shown (sets should be shipping by Mid-July); the World Boardgame Championship (Lancaster, PA - July 31 thru August 5) where demo versions of the Goblin Marauders and the Hundred Years’ War - Crossbows & Polearms sets will be previewed; and Gencon 2007 (Indianapolis, IN - August 16 thru 19), where hopefully those two packs will become available.

100 Years War Specialist PackThe four battles included in the Hundred Years’ War - Crossbows & Polearms set will be Crécy, Cocherel, Patay and Poitiers. In addition, Agincourt is revisited in Epic mode! All great news for historical BattleLore fans.

Finally, the DoW team are off on summer vacations and updates to the official blog will slow down. Keep coming back here to BattleLore Master however, where we have regular updates and new goodies!