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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Official Word: The Sounds of Music (Part II)

BagpiperWe’ve had goblin drummers, and now the latest post on the official blog site introduces us to the second of the specialist musician figures for BattleLore: Dwarven Bagpipers!!

Fittingly, the pipes don’t raise the morale of troops like the goblin drums, but instead sow fear into the hearts of Dwarven enemies.

“Arms wrapped around the goatskin bag and fingers busily playing the chanter, the stout little fellows never get the chance to draw a weapon!

Curiously, those foolish enough to dismiss them as a result are often last seen running for their lives, off the battlefield…”

This makes the bagpipers very interesting to use, as they don’t actually cause any damage on the battlefield, but instead open up all sorts of possibilities to exploit the morale of opposing troops—especially goblins!

Of course, if you happen to be facing the Earth Elemental, which ignores all flags, that won’t do you much good …

Not only that, but Dwarven bagpipers come in all colours, leading to interesting choices and trade-offs during deployment.