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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Official Word: Two new adventures and embarrassing mistakes

The DOW crew must have had an unpleasant welcome on returning from holidays, having to kick off work with a couple of apologies on the official blog.

Card backsThe Goblin Skirmishers and Dwarven Battalion packs (and future sets to be released in August) have the wrong graphics on the backs of the Specialist cards—they should be as seen on the right, not on the left (the card back for Deployment cards). It’s not a gameplay problem, just a visual one.

Secondly, two of the banners in the Goblin Marauders pack are blue mounted bow ones instead of blue long sword (for the hyena riders).

Neither of these problems are serious, and DOW apologise and are looking into ways of fixing these issues. Of course a minor hullaballoo has already started on the DOW forums, with varying reactions from understanding to demands for immediate replacements.

As a graphic designer, I can sympathise—no matter how many times you check these things, errors can creep through. And I’m sure we can continue to rely on DOW’s peerless customer support, as long as we keep things in perspective and understand that minor graphic errors are not the end of the world and won’t affect our gaming enjoyment.

On a much brighter note, two new adventures are online for use with the specialist packs: Goblin Gold and Dwarven Renegades.