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Monday, August 27, 2007

Official Word: Banners in Sight!

More news on the official blog about the Specialist pack errors.

You can contact DOW customer service to receive your replacement blue long sword banners for your Goblin Hyena Riders (these are the same banners as used in the base game, so it’s not essential to get them).

As for the Specialist card backs, the 10 cards given in the Call to Arms expansion will be reprinted, so from now on Specialist cards and Deployment cards will share the same backs. According to Eric of DOW, this was the original intent, but by ‘getting fancy’ and giving the Specialist cards different backs, they caused a bit of confusion that came back to bite them! ETA for these cards is mid-November due to printer delays.

Finally, with 100 Years’ War and Goblin Marauders packs now shipping, the adventures that came with them are online, including a new web adventure: Abandoned Tower.