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BattleLoreMaster Posts

September 2007

September 28, 2007

Official Word: Dwarves on the war path

Scottish WarsThe official blog gives us the first look at the upcoming Scottish Wars: A Dwarven Perspective expansion.

September 25, 2007

Comments are back

Sorry about the temporary technical glitch BattleLore fans—you may now comment on posts again to your heart’s content.

September 18, 2007

First Two Specialist Packs, Fully Painted

Goblin SkirmishersGoblin Skirmishers

Dwarven BattalionDwarven Battalion.

Sorry about the differences in lighting—I must get a proper miniature photography rig set up one day!

September 17, 2007

Dwarven Spear Bearers!

Dwarven Axe SwingersFrom the Dwarven Battalion set, Dwarven spear bearers wield their pointed cabers!

Dwarven Axe Swingers!

Dwarven Axe SwingersFrom the Dwarven Battalion set, Dwarven axe swingers have at it!

September 9, 2007

The Ultimate BattleLore Rules Summaries and Reference Sheets

Reference SheetSince the last versions of the Universal Head BattleLore rules summaries and reference sheets we’ve seen quite a few additions and clarifications to the BattleLore rules.

Now at last you can download these definitive sheets safe in the knowledge that you are completely up-to-date.

Firstly, the BattleLore Rules Summary is at version 2. Not only have the first two pages (the core rules), been carefully checked and revised, but the next two pages provide you with a handy summary of the Epic rules, and the final page a summary of the Call to Arms rules.

Then, the very useful BattleLore Rules Reference has been updated to version 8. This includes all the new terrain, weapons and unit types from the specialist packs and expansions, all carefully presented on a single double-sided sheet.

Many thanks go to ColtsFan76, the tireless BattleLore fan some of you may know from the official forums, whose proofreading and suggestions have been invaluable in the making of these updates.

As usual, for best results, print out in colour on double-sided matt card, cut out and laminate.

Enjoy! Go to the Guild Downloads section for the downloads. Translated versions will be posted as soon as possible.

Update: The Reference has been updated to v8.1 with the correction of some small cosmetic errors.

The BattleLore Creatures Compendium: August ‘07 edition

Gerald Uitz brings us the September ‘07 edition of his Creatures Compendium—only one change to the French edition this month, the English and German editions remain the same.

Go to the Guild Downloads section for the latest PDF downloads.

September 8, 2007

Dwarven Bagpipers!

Dwarven BagpipersFrom the Dwarven Battalion set, the feared Dwarven bagpipers on the march!

Goblin Spear Bearers!

Goblin Spear BearersFrom the Goblin Skirmishers set, two units of goblins bearing spears!

September 7, 2007

Opening the box: Hundred Years’ War

And finally, the last of the first wave of Specialist packs: Hundred Years’ War: Crossbows & Polearms.

Once a large image has opened, move your cursor to the upper left and right edges to navigate between them, or press N (Next) and P (Previous).

Opening the box: Goblin Marauders

‘Opening the box’ is back, with a look at the new Goblin Marauders Specialist pack!

Once a large image has opened, move your cursor to the upper left and right edges to navigate between them, or press N (Next) and P (Previous).

September 6, 2007

Eric Hautemont Interview

Eric Hautemont, the CEO of Days of Wonder, is interviewed by Scott Alden of Boardgamegeek. Nothing in the way of BattleLore but an interesting discussion nonetheless, covering the new Memoir ‘44 expansion (Air Pack), the Memoir ‘44 PC game and the Swiss Map for Ticket to Ride.

September 4, 2007

The BattleLore Lore Cards Compendium: September ‘07 edition

The assiduous Gerald Uitz is back with the September ‘07 editions of his Lore Cards Compendium.

Go to the Guild Downloads section for the latest English, French and German PDF downloads.

Goblin Slingers!

Goblin BandFrom the Goblin Skirmishers set, a unit of goblin slingers advances—while another one retreats!