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BattleLoreMaster Posts

September 2008

September 25, 2008

Fantasy Flight Games BattleLore site

FFGFantasy Flight Games has launched their official BattleLore website, featuring a bit of writing by yours truly on the About page.

You’ll also find a 1.8Mb PDF download of the BattleLore rules book on the Support page.

And don’t forget to check out the FFG forums.

September 16, 2008

BattleLore Reference Sheet Translations

A couple of updates for German and Polish BattleLore fans … v9.1 of the BattleLore Reference Sheet is now available in both German and Polish, thanks to the fantastic efforts of Gerald Uitz, our German correspondent, and Piotr Kopania, our man on the spot in Poland. Many thanks lads!

As usual, head to the Guild Downloads section for the latest downloads.