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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A bit of info from Richard Borg

Richard Borg has made this post on Fantasy Flight’s BattleLore message board about possible upcoming releases for BattleLore. It does look like the long-awaited Heroes expansion is next, and there are two other expansions in the works that he can’t yet talk about.

He also reveals that his team have playtested material for a whole range of new armies from various fantasy ‘cultures’: Dwarf Culture (Shadow Army, Dwarven Lords); Elf Culture (Forest Elves, Shadow Elves, War Elves); Goblinoid Culture (Ork—or ‘Torks’, a combination of Troll and Ork discovered in Greenland by Barbarian Raiders); Human Culture (Barbarians, Tribesmen, Ice Army, Man’chines, Wolven Migration); Rat Nation, Reptilian Army, The Swarm (Bugs); and a Necromancer Skull Army.

Plenty to keep BattleLore going for a long, long time yet…


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