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Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening the box: Dragons

And now, the Dragons

Once a large image has opened, move your cursor to the upper left and right edges to navigate between them, or press N (Next) and P (Previous).


So, there are only 3 dragons in the box? It’s $25.51 USD on Amazon.com right now. Is it worth it?

Thanks for posting up the 2 un-boxings today. Of the two, Creatures ($23.07 USD) looks more worth while.

I only have the core game (just got it recently through your Arkham Asylum game helpers that lead me to find this site). Love it, but should I get other expansions first or would you recommend Dragons and Creatures w/ no other expansions?

Thanks again for the great site/resource.

It’s impossible for me to really say if it’s ‘worth it’ or not - it depends on whether you have the spare cash, whether you’re a BattleLore completist, etc etc.

Since I already had the giant and elemental figures, the Creatures set was less value for me. But then again I have to own everything BattleLore. ;)

I did find it a bit amusing that they list every little token and card on the back, in an attempt to make it sound like you’re getting lots and lots for your money!

Have a look through the unboxings of all the expansions on the Game > Expansions page. There’s a lot of play in the core set to enjoy before getting into the expansions remember.



To date, expansion order doesn’t really matter with this game. Most will suggest getting Epic or Call to Arms first (and those are fine choices - though I am similiar to Universal Head in that I find all of the expansions “essential” ;) ), but I have found that all of the expansions bring useful additions to the game.

I’ve played the first three scenarios in the Dragons expansion a couple of times each (I don’t recall those scenarios using any of the other expansions…) and had good times. The Dragons are fun pieces that have interesting impacts upon game play. For me, well worth $25. Whether or not that is price gouging on the part of FFG I cannot say.

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