October 21 2010

Official Site Info: Repurposed French core sets

Apparently it’s been tough to get hold of a BattleLore core set for a while now, so Fantasy Flight Games has introduced a stop-gap measure by ‘repurposing’ some French sets with English cards and reference sheets. English rules will be made available as a PDF download. Look for a big red sticker on these boxes.

Days of Wonder must have printed a huge run of BattleLore when they first released the game … it will be interesting to see how FFG tackles the production problems surrounding the core set when these repurposed French sets run out.

My guess is in a smaller edition with smaller armies; so if you still haven’t got a core set, grab one (or two) now!
Check out the full announcement on the FFG site.

Update: As announced here, the following expansion sets will get the same treatment to make them available: Goblin Skirmishers, Goblin Marauders, Dwarven Battalion, and The Hundred Years’ War.

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  1. caradoc
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 00:17:30

    I wouldn’t mind seeing FFG release a new base set with just a base human army. They could then release base Dwarf and Goblin armies that, when combined with the HH, BB, and CoC expansions make for fully rounded and playable armies – it might also allow for a holistic approach to the Call to Arms system across the various armies.