November 02 2008

Campaign Rules: Fan Expansion

BattleLore fan Chris Lewis has put an amazing amount of work into this set of Campaign rules, new races and new creatures for BattleLore. In this one zip file you’ll find all of his home brew rules and ideas, including:

  • Rules for campaigns in the world of BattleLore that can be run in a night, a weekend, or a much longer period, and the maps you’ll need to run them.
  • Terrain deployment cards to allow random battlefields (169 combinations).
  • Details on 14 new races, 15 creatures (including cannons) and 6 Wyverns along with counters to use them on the battle board.

This has all been put together into a ZIPPED file you can download here (1.9 Mb). Check it out!

Thanks Chris for all the hard work you’ve put into this excellent contribution!

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