November 30 2006

How to fix the bendies

Now that people are starting to get their copies, several have noted that the regular cavalry and infantry are a bit crammed into the plastic tray, resulting in a few bent miniatures. This is easily fixed: warm the miniatures by putting them into hot water (or use a hairdryer), bend them into the correct position, then immediately cool them in cold water. Problem solved!

Update: DoW, once again showing exceptional thoughtfulness, have posted this blog page about the issue, which describes in detail (with photographs) this process of unbending any bent miniatures.

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  1. DarkPadawan
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 08:59:45

    I tried the hot-water-cold-water-shock-therapy last night, and it didn´t work 100%. The plastic gets very soft after the hot water and you can bend it easily. Then go to the chilled water bath and the plastic hardens immediately. After some minutes I took the units out and placed them side by side to “unbent” units and it looked real great. However, when the plastic warmed up to room temperature again, the minis started to bend again.
    So my question: What have I done wrong? Hot water not hot enough? Cold water not cold enough? Did I took the minis out of the cold bath too early?
    Appreciating any help,

  2. Universal Head
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 09:38:04

    Hmm, can’t say definitively until I’ve received my own copy; my information was from the positive reports of this method on Boardgamegeek, and I’ve also used this method to flatten the bendy bases of the Doom Boardgame figures.
    You may have to repeat the procedure a few times until the plastic ‘remembers’ the new position. Or perhaps bend them ‘further’ the other way. Did they go back to exactly the same way they were before or was there some improvement?
    I’ll write more on this when I’ve seen the actual plastic myself. In the meantime, I suggest giving it another go.
    Someone on the DoW forums has just said “10 seconds of near-boiling water, realign to correct position, and 30 seconds of near freezing water, and voila, good to go!”
    Let me know your results.

  3. Marion Jensen
    Dec 01, 2006 @ 16:07:33

    I don’t know, I kind of like the look of the bent ones. It just looks like they are galloping around a corner really, really fast. :)