September 17 2010

Official Site Info: Bearded Brave details

There’s some new information about the Arbalest, Spotter and Mighty Bolt Thrower unit types on the Fantasy Flight Games website. Iron Dwarf Spotters come equipped with the Spy Glass, and are a single figure that can be embedded in a single ranged foot unit. When present, the unit’s ranged weapon attacks receive an additional hex of range and roll an additional combat die.

Mighty Bolt Thrower units are made up of two bolt thrower figures and two Iron Dwarf crossbowmen acting as a crew. They can fire up to 5 hexes and benefit from bonus strikes when making ranged attacks. They are vulnerable however—each hit they take eliminates a Bolt Thrower AND a crewman.

Check out the article on the FFG site for full details and card images.

Update: More information about the bear riders here.

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  1. MAdB
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 06:08:56

    This looks a lot better than all previous dwarf expansions, specially dwarfves riding bears! But having said that, can’t they at least, by now, come out with a fourth race?!?!? It’s what everyone wants…Elfves, dark elfves, undead, anything but more of the same. Still happy they are keeping it alive though.
    P.S., to the webmaster:
    thanks for the great site, it is very well done and a support to this cult game which deserves a lot more popularity and attention.