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Blister pack expansions and army sets


Gameplay expansions and more

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(Core Game)

210+ detailed plastic miniatures

58 Banner bearers and 15 extra banners

80 page Player's Guide

Adventure Booklet

Double-sided battle board

46 Terrain and Landmark tiles

60 Command cards

60 Lore cards

42 Summary cards

2 War Council sheets

24 Lore Master Tokens

12 Battle dice

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Dawn breaks cold and damp on the edge of a European forest as old as history itself. Last night, your scouts stumbled upon the remains of a hastily departed Goblin camp. Sure enough, this morning their Crescent banners are silouetted against the horizon, joined by a colourful sea of English pennants flying high above companies of noblemen on their war mounts. Will the forthcoming battle unfold as planned? Are your vaunted Dwarven mercenaries worth their costly wages? If you’ve chosen wisely, your place in history seems assured. If not ... surely your heirs will pay the ransom ... won’t they?

In a world that bridges history and fantasy—BattleLore puts you in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of a Medieval Europe.

Assembling a group of wizened old Lore Masters—men of faith and magic, tricksters and grizzled warriors—is only one of many challenges you’ll face. The proper deployment of troops, careful choice of allies, timely spell-casting and good old-fashioned treachery are all important skills to master!

The doorway to epic fantasy adventures, BattleLore lets you relive the best of your role-playing experiences with family and friends, for an hour or an evening of fun.

Bottom of BoxWhat is BattleLore?

BattleLore is a boardgame that recreates massive clashes between medieval armies. Played on board with detailed plastic miniatures, it is the latest in the well-established Command & Colors series of games by Richard Borg, all of which use a flexible card-driven system as the basis of play.

But BattleLore goes a step further than its predecessors by introducing Lore, the currency which fuels legendary actions and magic, and the War Council, where players can choose the Lore Masters that will aid them in the coming conflict. For BattleLore is also a game that plays out epic fantasy battles, and can feature armies of goblins, and monstrous creatures such as giant spiders, as well as mounted knights and sword-wielding men-at-arms.

BattleLore is not just a single game, but a system that will see many expansions in the future. Days of Wonder intend to release a whole range of new miniatures, game variants and adventure campaigns. and of course there are huge opportunities for fans to add their own modifications to the system.

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