August 01 2008

The Siege of Juvage: Fan Fiction & Adventure

Siege of Juvage“A loud crash drowned the cries of the citizenry as another boulder hit the castle wall. The ground shook, and small pebbles from the ceiling gave off a glassy sound as they hit the marble floor. The aging scribe sat anxiously at his desk in the castle library. He was sweating heavily as he awaited Count Gervase. Some of the shelves had toppled over, and the floor was now littered with books and random debris from the broken decorations that had once adorned this elegant hall. Dawn had broken, and the small city of Juvage awoke to the sound of crashing boulders.”

It’s wonderful to see how some BattleLore fans have been inspired by the game to create their own game variants, adventures and background.

Jorge Molinari has not only created a great adventure with Deliver the Message, but he has written an excellent piece of fiction to accompany it, The Siege of Juvage.

This has all been put together into a PDF document you can download here (772 Kb). Read the story, then play the adventure for yourself!

Thanks Jorge for all the hard work you’ve put into this excellent contribution!

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