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Choosing a Trusted and Safe Casino

Safe casinos have been sprouting all over the internet in the past few years. Everyone is trying to cash-in on the profitability of operating a casino OR promoting a casino via an affiliate program which offers advertising commission to participating web sites. Some safe casinos pay a one-time fee for each new player, while other casinos offer between 10% to 45% commission for each referral of a new player who gambles for real money and loses.

If you are an ordinary person trying to find a reputable casino that pays out winnings in an efficient and timely manner while providing you with an exciting gaming experience, you can test out all of the safe casinos in space (and probably, get bankrupt) OR you can visit casino portals, such as this one, and decide for yourself whether or not to try out the variety of casinos promoted by the webmaster.

Trusted Online Casinos

While visiting casino portals, always keep in mind the obvious fact that all webmasters are trying to earn an income, however, not all webmasters are honest and use ethical business practices. Unfortunately, as hard as some of us try to keep gambling a legitimate form of entertainment and leisure activity, there are a lot of bad apples that permeate the industry with corrupt practices!

With the overwhelming number of casinos and casino portals on the Internet today, I strongly suggest that you scout around and decide for yourself, who to trust and who NOT to trust.

Seek out casino portals which do NOT have a listing of ALL of the casinos on the Internet. If there is a huge list of casinos being promoted on a web site, it is very possible that the webmaster is adding every casino with an affiliate program indiscriminately to his/her web site without testing out the casino to ensure that it offers fair play, good customer service and an enjoyable gaming experience with minimal server problems.

Don’t ever click on links in spammed e-mail advertisements. If you ever join a casino via an unsolicited e-mail advertisement, your e-mail address may get placed on a number of mailing lists shared by spammers. Instead, choose a few trustworthy casino portals and then, bookmark them so that you can return for more info regarding gambling and casinos.

Safe Casinos

Some webmasters choose to promote casinos based upon how much commission they will receive, rather than choosing casinos based upon the fairness of play and quality of customer service. Some of the casinos, that I promote, pay between 10%-25% commission for the lifetime of a new player. If my referral wins, I lose 10%-25% commission. If my referral loses, I get paid 10%-25% commission. It certainly can be very enticing to only choose casinos which pay out 45% commission for the lifetime of a new player, especially if the casino does not offer many high payouts! Thus far, I have not chosen to promote a casino which pays 45% commission for the lifetime of a new player, simply because I have not yet found one that I would feel confident in promoting!

Be wary of webmasters promoting casinos which have a lot of outstanding complaints filed against them. The webmasters of casino portals should try to ensure that they have chosen casinos which endeavor to resolve disputes with their customers. I would never knowingly send someone to a casino which does not try to resolve disputes in a fair manner with their customers.

Finally, don’t spend your time searching for the “ideal” casino… since there is no such thing! There are, however, reputable gambling casinos where you can WIN BIG, if you develop your gambling skills by learning to bet with strategy!