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Here we showcase photos from BattleLore players of their painted miniatures and games.

Custom BattleLore Dice Tower

by Sebastian Schwarz

Sebastian took an 8mm board of plywood, or wallboard, a saw, some small nails, a hammer, some glue (woodglue), some black paint and some felt. First, he sawed the woodboard in rectangles:

  • (3 x) 12 x 26 cm (the walls)
  • (1 x) 12 x 23 cm (this is the front)
  • (1 x) 12 x 24 cm (floor, ground)
  • (2 x) 12 x 2 cm (the small walls for the basin)
  • (1 x) 10,4 x 2 cm (ditto)
  • (3 x) 10,4 x 8,5 cm (these are the 3 first steps)
  • (1 x) 10,4 x 10,5 cm (the last step in the tower)

After everything was sawed, he nailed the walls and the steps together, glued some felt on the steps, and glued (just for safety) the walls together. After everything was stuck, he painted the tower in black and, after some Photoshop work, put some BattleLore themed stickers on the tower. It all took just one day for two towers.

Epic BattleLore

by Universal Head

Epic BattleLore in action, featuring Universal Head’s almost completely painted figures.

Custom Units

by Grungebob

Grungebob and Zeek from the Forums are two BattleLore players that love coming up with their own custom units, monsters, landmarks and weapons. We’ll be featuring more of their creations in the Guild soon, but for now, here are Grungebob’s custom Orc Infantry and Undead Cavalry, all painted up and ready to wreak havoc!

Painted Infantry

by Dan Becker

A beautiful paint job that features hand made decals applied to the shields.

Heraldry, from War Flag and custom-made, was printed on white decal paper and applied to the shields. The shield files, along with more details about Dan’s painting process, are available from Dan’s site.

Painted Medium Infantry and Cavalry

by DMG

Forum member DMG shows us his beautifully painted medium cavalry and infantry figures. Also featured is his stunning set of custom-engraved BattleLore dice. Note the bold colour schemes, the lovely detail on the horses and the simple but effective shield designs.

Painted Heavy Infantry

by Universal Head (your webmaster)

I’ve finally began painting my own BattleLore figures and, in keeping with the old maxim of starting with the easiest task, began with the heavy infantry. These figures were first washed with water and a bit of detergent, allowed to dry, and undercoated white. I started with the metal areas, painting them with Games Workshop Chainmail, washing them with Tamiya Smoke, and highlighting with Mithril Silver. Then the surcoats and helmet crests, using two shades of red (and a little highlight of yellow). The belts were first painted black, then brown, and the surcoat edges dark brown, then light brown. The shields were cleaned up (black on the backs, white on the fronts), and then painted their base colours. Some of the shields I painted with simple heraldry patterns, and for others I used old Games Workshop decals. Finally, the bases were painted green and dry brushed with a light green (almost yellow).

Custom BattleLore Box

by Sebastian Schwarz

Sebastian Schwarz has prepared himself for a lot of BattleLore playing in the future by making this custom figure box. He divided the drawers in the old wooden box (usually used to store bolts and nuts) with thin wood, and then painted it black. Then he decorated it with scanned BattleLore artwork, and coated the entire box with a varnish-like glue. Finally, every drawer was decorated with symbols to identify its contents. And there's plenty of space for upcoming goodies!

Converted Miniatures

by Grungebob

Grungebob jumps right on ahead by doing some excellent conversion work and creating some warriors armed with polarms and some undead warriors and cavalry for a truly unique BattleLore experience. The bases, made of self-hardening clay, match those of the official figures very closely. He’s even designed custom banners for the undead.

Just a small taste of the possibilities once you start converting other troops for BattleLore.